Do You Recognize Me? Wilmington, Delaware

Wilmington De unknownsw

     Okay, here are the available clues to hopefully solve this mystery. (Do You Recognize Me? Where am I? Who are we? etc.)

1. The photograph

2. Two of the persons are identified on the reverse of the photograph (see below)

3. This is a Sanborn Studio photograph from Wil. Del. (see below)


      Just FYI, I ran a cursory check on the two names. Although I found women with these names, they were their married names. I believe the above subjects were not old enough to have been married, so I did not find the correct women. The Sanborn Studio operated by Arthur Nelson Sanborn Sr. and Jr. was located at 404 Market Street in Wilmington. It was in operation from 1904 to 1964. What do you get if you win and can describe either the location or the subjects? Absolutely nothing. Okay,  the eternal gratitude of our readers if you would but share your insight. My eternal gratitude, as well, because I swear I know those stairs but cannot make a connection. It is driving me nuts. Best of Luck, Pat

Wilmington DE






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