8 Nostalgic Retro Atari Games

    Atari is known to have been a huge company in the past but in a way, they are still around. They just are not as active as they used to be. Today, I will be talking about 10 Retro Atari games you can play online at Atari.com that are known for its nostalgic. 

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  1. Space Invaders: Space invaders is known for its nostalgic value and its many variations. You can play Space Invaders online right now straight from Atari’s website, last I checked. As far as I known, the classic retro feel is still there. The difference is the speed and game physics is obviously going to be much higher, but it still gives the feeling of playing the game.
  2. Asteroids is kind of the same style of game. Instead of kind of a break out feature though, you control a rocket away from the space debris. The main problem I have is the single player variation that it only has.
  3. Pong: Pong is obviously going to have multiplayer, and is often regarded as Atari’s first game. The game physics and speed is fairly fast compared to the early version of Pong, but it still has the same feel that Nolan Bushnell (Atari’s founder) intended.
  4. Super Breakout: Super Breakout is much better developed than the original but Atari tried sticking to fairly similar color variation and graphics style
  5. Centipede: The main problem I have with this game is they modernized and the graphics definitely don’t look close to the same time period as the developers. However, in terms of plot and gameplay, the feeling is mutual. They definitely improved the game a lot but still in a way tried keeping its nostalgic value and feel.
  6. Yars revenge definitely has much better graphics and the sound quality is more high definition and surround. However, the game has similar rules and a wave based sequence that Atari still stokes too.
  7. Combat, Combat online is like Atari’s 1977 version in terms of game rules and point of the game but the graphics and retro style is much different. Sure the game physics is better, but it doesn’t remind me enough of its old version. However, I will credit them with the fact that the game style in terms of rules and constraints is fairly similar.
  8. Missile Command: Missile Command is on Atari’s website, and the game has been designed too well but stuck to its nostalgic feel that I have much less to complain about.

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He can be found in his free time hugging pugs and debating people about which pizza topics are better. 



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