The Suitcase: Chronicling the Vidovich Family: Part II


     I owe the Vidovich family a huge apology. I try to remain on top of and reply to email as quickly as I can. This past year, as some of you know, was difficult. As such, I neglected an email account which resulted in delayed responses to many emails, including one from the Vidovich family. Please accept my apologies. 

    On an upbeat note, the correspondence from a member of the Vidovich family (A.V.) clears up some small mysteries regarding the little suitcase (link to original article below). A.V. explained that the label on the suitcase, which bears the Hungarian word "fényképekl," translates to "photographs" in English. Someone simply labeled the suitcase "photographs."  I am actually kicking myself for not being able to figure it out. Vidovich4w

     Both of these photographs are unidentified, but the Santa might be Tibor. The black and white photo is the last of the larger B/W photos (8 by 10). I already displayed the others in the original article. Perhaps the size of the photos signifies some importance, such as members of the immediate family? See more photos below.


 This photograph is not identified.

     Vidovich2Thanks to A.V, we also know Tibor immigrated with his son, Ferenc. (Hungarian for Frank/Francis) Furthermore, although Tibor's immigration papers state he was a carpenter, in his homeland he had trained as a doctor of law. At a guess either language differences or different regulations pertaining to the practice of law, prevented him from practicing here. 

      At the family's request, I will share more pictures on Passed Time (see below). The Vidovich family members have also requested that if anyone has information about this part of the family, please contact them as their efforts have proved fruitless.* Best, Pat

*Members of the Vidovich family, please email Pat for contact information, You are welcome to place contact requests in the comments section, but Passed Time's staff will not display other's personal contact information. 

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  The unidentified photo (above) was in an envelope labeled "Hawaii." I do not feel any chipping, so I cannot account for the white specks, but it is such a colorful photo, I thought to include it. The Santa picture is unidentified.






















 This photograph (left) has this information on the reverse: Klári 19 jahr 1970.



















                           Unidentified, but a print date of 1962.                                                                            Vidovich12




























      I hope someone will tell me if I am posting something inappropriate or something they do not want shared as I cannot read Hungarian. I will remove it immediately. The rest of the photos (below) are all unidentified. 





































Vidovich 1w





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