Bartch Family Register


The Bartch Family Register was once in a bible.

It says Amos Bartch of Columbia, Pennsylvania, married Mary E. Williams (also from Columbia) on April 8, 1874 in the preseence of Scott Patton, Esq. and Mrs. E. Patton. The Bartches were marrid by J. Dickerson. Amos Bartch was born May 6, 1846 and Mary E. (Williams) Bartch was born February 23, 1849. Amos died October 12, 1899 and Mary died April 12, 1948. The Bartches had the following children:

Florence Patton Bartch was born July 14, 1876. She married Charles Oscar Ford on April 25, 1901.

William Amos Bartch was born June 24, 1881. He married Ruth Cardon Wisotzkey on August 10, 1918. William Amos Bartch died April 6, 1973.

Irene Catharine Bartch was born April 14, 1885. She died October 31, 1979.

Other births that are recorded do not make clear the names of the parents. The include:

Ruth C. Bartch, born March 5, 1893.

Elizabeth Jane Bartch, born October 4, 1919.

Mary Ruth Bartch, born June 28, 1921.

Nancy Irene Bartch, born May 8, 1924.  

Other marriages in this record say Mary Ruth Bartch and John Louis (?) Grab married July 4, 1941.

Elizabeth Jane Bartch and Charles Herman Olerist (?) married January 28, 1945.

Nancy Irene Bartch and Leuis (?) Rinehart Lebhart married August 31, 1947.

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