Gaskill Family Record

A bible record made for the Gaskill family says that Joseph R. Gaskill, son of William and Jane Gaskill, was born October 30, 1847. An added note says he died November 4, 1930.Gaskill Obituaryw
     Joseph R. Gaskill married a woman whose maiden name was also Gaskill. She was Elizabeth Gaskill, a daughter of Joseph and Mary Gaskill. Elizabeth was born September 7, 1847.
      In addition to Elizabeth, Joseph and Mary Gaskill had a son named Charles Fletcher Gaskill who died during in the Civil War.
An obituary tucked in the bible says Charles Fletcher Gaskill died of pneumonia on November 24 [1862] in Nashville, Tennessee. He was a member of Co. B, the 73rd Infantry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers. He was described as a member of the M. E. Church for three years. A "quiet, truthful, unobtrusive boy," he was twenty when he died. His obituary was published in the Oconsee, Illinois Christian Advocate & Journal on January 21, 1863.
      A handwritten note adds that Charles F. Gaskill died November 25 [sic], 1862 and is buried in Section F, Grave 128 in the Nashville National Cemetery.
      Joseph R. and Elizabeth Gaskill had two sons. They were Joseph Wilbur Gaskill, who was born June 5, 1876, and Charles Risdon Gaskill, who was born October 10, 1881.
      A note tucked in the bible refers to tuition due from Joseph Gaskill, probably the father of Elizabeth, who owed John A. Borden for 348 days of tuition for his children on October 28, 1839. Apparently, Gaskill paid only partial tuition for the total came to $10.44, but the school fund paid $4.69 1/2 and the balance was $5.74 1/2. Contributing Author Copyright © 2015 Passed Time 

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