Genealogy from records for people who left no will

A handful of records I recently ran across from Washington County, Pennsylvania, shows how courts settled property among families when the father died intestate (having left no will). For genealogists, such documents can be helpful because they list his children. When those children were grown and married, the names of his daughters' spouses are helpful to genealogists. They clearly show family relationships.


One such example was made for Peter Ground of Strabane Township, Washington County. This area is near Pittsburgh and the date of the document was 1834. Peter Ground's widow was Elizabeth. The paper says the Grounds had seven children. One might have predeceased Peter Ground, for this documents lists only six children, namely: John; Elizabeth, wife of John Norris; Katharine, wife of Daniel Weller; Mariah; Peter; and Joseph. All were above the age of 21 years.


Another was made for Samuel Thompson of Chartiers Township, Washington County. Samuel's wife, Sarah, predeceased Samuel, who died about 1832. Samuel and Sarah Thompson had six children. One was Jane, wife of John McKinney; Margaret, wife of William Greer; John; James; Samuel; and Sarah, wife of Sylvester Tripp.


A third was made for Thomas Hill of Cecill Township, Washington County. His children were Betsey, wife of Barnard Anders; William; Esther, wife of Thomas Miller; Mary; Abigail; and Thomas. This documents dates from 1831.


Thought I would share this information with folks who might be researching ancestors near Pittsburgh. 


Mike Graw



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