Dear Alice (Part 10): 1936 Nanuet New York Autograph Book, Henrietta Van Tassel entry

   Regarding this entry, computer searches for Henrietta Van Tassel have resulted in complete dead ends. Actually, that is not completely true. If you are member of the Van Tassel family, here is a link to a website created by Rick Van Tassel, who appears to be quite active researching the Van Tassel family history. (As a side note, if you like baseball, but are not a Van Tassel family member, check out the Van Tassel Family Ball Team photograph dated 1903). Regarding the Nanuet autograph book and the Dickinson and Van Tassel entries.... 

   I suspect Henrietta Van Tassel was a staff member at Nanuet as the entry is polished in both handwriting and sentiment. Furthermore, Alice did not write her familiar "forget me not" in the corners, either. As I said in another post, my theory is she did it less for staff members than her fellow students. Hopefully, someone can shed light on Van Tassel. Pat Earnest, 31 August 2015 Dover, Delaware

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