Randolph-Macon Woman's College: Reunion Recap for the Class of 1912 by Virginia Proctor Walker


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    There is a simple beauty to this summary of the 35th reunion of the class of 1912. This recap provides not only genealogical information, but it serves as a window into the lives of an earlier generation. In it grandparents boast about their grandchildren (did their grandchildren know?), friends mourn the loss of a classmate's child during World War II (no matter that he was an adult), the author exhibits obvious pride at her son's military service and graduation from Davidson College, the former classmates share their personal accomplishments, and all demonstrate gratification in knowing the Class of 1912 was able to give back to Randolph-Macon Woman's College.



     I did not expand on Virginia Proctor Walker's words, beyond including the few bits of biographical information I could readily find.*


Jeannette McMurray Allessandri(1891-1957)was mentioned in The Sooner Magazine, 1935, as a French instructor who was on leave of abscence.


Gozeal Hunt Andrews (1890-1981).


Lillian Grayson Hoofnagle Bane (circa 1890-92-1953) became a teacher. Her daughter Mary Clark Bane (1919-) was also mentioned in Walker's recap. (use the same link for Mary Clark Bane's birth date)


Lieutenant John Cary (KIA 7 July 1944). The 492nd Bomb Group has done an excellent job of preserving their history. The link provided is to their website. They give a description of the accident which killed Cary and his crew. 


Eunice Gay Cheatham (1891-1955 was an author.


May Roper Coker (1890-1976) won Mother of the Year 1958  and received some national recognition for it.


Helen Becker Ellis served as the president of the Alumni Association 1912 and as an alumni advisor for R-M in 1921.


Irma DuKate Gorenflo (1890-1974) Here is a link to her Obituary.


Ray Parker Hamaker (1890-1975) was a painter active in Virginia and Missouri. She also taught biology at Randolph Macon Woman's College.


Susie Badger Kilham (1892-1966) It appears as if Randolph-Macon offers a scholarship in her name. If I am reading it correctly, she was a former president of the Rivanna Garden Club, and as such, had a garden dedicated in her name at St. Anne's School in 1967.


Alberta Gill Robinson (1891-)


Virginia Proctor Walker. Author of this document and proud mother of son, John Walker, Jr. (link to his obiturary posted at Davidson College)


Charlotte Barksdale Warrick (1890-1956)


Edith Winfree (possibly 1888-1974)** can be found in a booklet from the DAR in 1914. In fact, she was quite active in Daughters of the American Revolution as her name appears in a few of their publications.


* If no biographical information is included, I was either unable to find information or I found several possibilities. If you have information, please share. Our readers love the history and it is completely free. 


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