R.G. E. Stores of Wilmington, Delaware or Do You Remember These Prices?

RGE Store Wilmington Burgundy Topw

RGE Store Wilmington Burgundy Bottomw


     This broadside (sheet of paper printed on one-side only) was found folded among some birthday cards which were dated around 1948. Upon trying to find dates for R.G.E. Stores, success was nil as far as any kind of a history. However, as found on Old Wilmington.net (home page), the following memories about R.G.E. provide a little background.

      "Anyone remember Wolhar's Grocery Store at the corner of PA Ave and Scott? It was an RGE store; opened when PA Ave was a dirt road and closed in 1960. Across PA avenue at that corner was the Wolhar Gas Station (originally a feed and bag store) and a small package store. Would love to share memories with anyone who remembers." Old Wilmington.net

     And yet the memory of another location: 

      "Remember RGE store at Dupont Rosd and Belmont Ave." Old Wilmington.net

     Personally, I'd just love to see these prices. Enjoy, Pat Earnest Copyright © Passed Time, 2015.

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 And seriously.... does anyone else out there wish these prices were back? 

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