Whitcraft Scrapbook: Thomas Tobias Whitcraft Obituary June 1, 1953

Whitcraft Thomas Tobiasw

      For those following the Whitcraft Scrapbook series, Thomas Tobias Whitcraft was one of G.E. Whitcraft's brothers. As Whitcraft's obituary provides a fairly concise outline of his life, few words are necessary.* 


     I will be constructing a genealogy of the G.E. Whitcraft family in the blog section of Passed Time. It will be a work in progress as information about the family becomes available. If anyone has their own factual information to add, please do so. Setting up your own genealogy chart/blog, etc. is free on Passed Time. Best, Pat**

*As always, I would credit the newspaper if I knew the source.

**Thomas Whitcraft's Grave, Find-A-Grave.

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  • Guest - JosephHedgepeth

    I am aware of G.E. Whitcraft but have no knowledge of his brother till I read this post. Then I read about him from a and was ashamed to not know about him earlier. However, I will follow the genealogy from now on and see if I can learn a great deal about Tobias.

    Comment last edited on about 3 years ago
  • Guest - Claire McMahon

    I appreciate the way you are collecting things about Whitcraft brothers. I read about Thomas from a professional paper writing service and felt that I should have known about him earlier. However, I am happy to see that you are making an effort to bring out things that we are not aware of. I really appreciate that.

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