Denison or Miner Family Artist?

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      An old ledger/scrapbook/stamp collection was originally destined for my nephews who were, at that time, collecting stamps. Upon finding letters and recipts written by or for members of the Denison/Miner family of Groton, Connecticut in it, its owner reconsidered and kept the ledger (kindly letting Passed Time borrow it). It was the right decision as the nephews are no longer even slightly interested in stamps.  

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     Letters and invoices in the ledger suggest it once belonged to Mary Denison, her husband Noyes Raymond Denison, or Mary's father, John Woodward Miner. Many of them date from the middle to the late nineteenth century, but more research is currently being done. I am almost certain the ephemera within was only saved because the stamps were valued by the Denison or Miner family member interested in stamps. Ironically, the stamps are worth little but the letters might prove invaluable to some.* 

     So what do these three sketches have to do with the stamp collection/ledger/scrapbook? The sketches are part of an artists sketch book. According to the owner, the sketch book and the ledger all came in the same box lot which suggests a possible connection (not always, but sometimes).

     Although the sketches are not dated the clothing worn by the subjects would fit within the ledger's time. Only one of the sketches is signed, "S. Hayes"  (not shown), but the sheet is larger than the others and does not appear to belong in this sketchbook. The owner is hoping for a long-shot--in that someone might be able to identify the location or the persons and let us all know if the sketchbook and ledger should remain together.** Enjoy, Pat

*Many thanks to philatelist Andrew Titely of Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries who provided insight regarding the stamps. 

**More images from the sketchbook will be trotted out, space providing, as will letters, invoices, etc. from the ledger. 

***For a brief genealogy of the Noyes Raymond Denison and Mary Augusta Miner Family Click Here

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