Happy Fourth of July! Grandma Good[?] Bedford, Texas 1913

Good rich Grandma Bedford Texasw

    Well folks, I tried. I wanted to chase down the identity of the woman shown here, draped in a flag, but was unsuccessful. Is this Grandma Goodrich (variant spellings), Goodrow (variant spellings), Goodrum (probably are variant spellings, but I could not think of any)? Members of the Goodrich and Goodrow families are dispersed throughout Texas, but.... If Grandma Goodr[?], was 93 in 1918, she was born circa 1825. Within the families mentioned, I found no one who fit Grandma's dates.


    Is she celebrating Independence Day? Was she possibly standing outside watching a parade, when someone snapped this photograph? Or was Grandma simply cold? 

    The ambiguity of the event shown in the photograph allows us to use it as a Fourth of July celebration artifact. Have a safe and happy Holiday! Pat and the rest of the Passed Time staff 

P.S. While researching Grandma, I came across the incredibly involved Goodrich Family Association website and their quarterlies. I've included a link to their site below.

Questions? Comments? Thoughts? Information? email Pat at pcsuter@hotmail.com 

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