5 Best Games for the Sega Genesis

Andrew Kamal

     There are many nostalgic Sega Genesis games, but here are literally some of the best. These games are what made Sega one of the missed companies of our time in terms of the consoles they released or the classic gaming vibe they used to have. There are known for many classics which we will cover in this article.


  1. The Sonic the Hedgehog series: The whole Sonic the Hedgehog series turned into one of the biggest gaming franchises ever to exist. It is literally Nintendo’s Mario biggest competitor. The classic sonic games are one of the reasons Sega is still considered somewhat functioning and active today. Just not as much as they used too.
  2. Virtua Fighter: Virtua Fighter was literally the first 3D fighter game ever released mainstream. It is known to have many re-runs including an Anime series as well variations of the game. This includes it being all the way to Xbox 360 as well as now on Mobile devices. Gamespot rates the game a solid 7.4, while users rate it a 7.6. However, some of the games trailers and anime episodes have been viewed hundreds of thousands to millions of times.
  3. Flicky: Although Flicky didn’t catch on as much as the two previous games, at one point it was Sega’s mascot and even did cameo appearances with the early Sonic the Hedgehog. Sega made a retro arcade that had an adventurous feel to it years before some of Nintendo’s Mario bros game out.
  4. Another World: Though it was not made by Sega and have been published on multiple platforms, it was a huge release for the Genesis. This game has a cinematic experience to it and have lasted decades with variations of the game now being played on the Nintendo 3Ds or the PS4. It tells the story of a scientist who accidentally transports to an alien world and needs to fight his way out. This game physics at its time, and even up till now, is still fairly impressive.
  5. Lion King: Lion King is a low rated video game that was based off of the Disney movie. However the reason this is on the list, is because it is one of Disney Interactive’s first games and was a huge collaboration for Sega. The game also isn’t that bad and have many Disney fans talking about it in forums tell this day. The graphics for its time isn’t too horrid but the game does run into a few glitches. Overall though, at the time of the release, the game was critically acclaimed.

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Andrew Kamal is an app developer, programmer, and inventor who loves writing about historical technology and old games.

He can be found in his free time hugging pugs and debating people about which pizza topics are better. 



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