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Maya's Quilt of Life by Faith Ringgold

Swann's September 15 auction of the collection of beloved American cultural icon Dr. Maya Angelou drew record crowds and sold 98%, more than doubling pre-sale estimates. The sale set an auction record for artist Faith Ringgold, whose Maya's Quilt of Life, 1989 (pictured), was acquired by Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art. Other records were for John Biggers, whose Kumasi Market, 1962, sold for $389,000, and Melvin Edwards, whose welded steel sculpture OWWA Maya, 2011, sold for $40,000.


Maya's Quilt of Life by Faith Ringgold


Acrylic on canvas and painted, dyed and pieced fabrics, 1989. 1854x1854 mm; 73x73 inches. Inscribed "Maya's Quilt of Life by Faith Ringgold © 1989" and "This painted story quilt is a tribute to the universal wisdom and strength of Maya Angelou, the phenomenal woman, writer, poet, thinker and human being. It was commissioned for Ms. Angelou's birthday, April 4, 1989, by Oprah Winfrey who says of Ms. Angelou: "She is our mother, sister, friend and teacher." and

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The Saint John’s Bible

The Saint John’s Bible

In 1998, Saint John's Abbey and University commissioned renowned calligrapher Donald Jackson to produce a hand-written, hand-illuminated Bible. We invite you to explore this work of art that unites an ancient Benedictine tradition with the technology and vision of today, illuminating the Word of God for a new millennium.

“In the Beginning”


The Saint Johns Bible at a glance

WHO: The Saint John's Bible was commissioned by Saint John’s Abbey and University in Collegeville, Minnesota. It was executed by Donald Jackson, Senior Scribe to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s Crown Office, along with a collaborative team of scribes, artists, theologians, and scholars.

WHAT: This is the first illuminated, handwritten Bible of monumental size (24 1/2 X 15 7/8) to be commissioned by a Benedictine Monastery in 500 years. All 73 books of the Old and New Testaments are presented in seven volumes of approximately 1,150 pages using the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) translation.

WHEN: Planning and work began in 1995.The first words were penned on March 8, 2000, and the final word was written on May 9, 2011. Though the pages are complete, the Bible remains unbound at this time.

WHERE: The creation work was done in a scriptorium in Wales while the theological work was done at Saint John’s University The Hill Museum 8c Manuscript Library on the university’s campus is its permanent home.

HOW: The Saint John's Bible was made using traditional materials such as vellum (calfskin), ancient inks, gold and silver leaf and platinum, and was written with quill pens from goose, turkey, and swan feathers.

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Fifer's Music Book: Artifact from the Museum of the American Revolution

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 Making Our Artifacts Sing
We [Museum of the American Revolution] recently received a fifer's music book for our collection, thanks to the support of the Colonel Aaron Ogden Chapter, National Society Daughters of the American Revolution of Garden City, New York. The handwritten book includes scores and fingering instructions for popular music from the Revolutionary Period. We [MAR] enlisted our summer intern Matt Skic to play some of these tunes on a reproduction 18th-century fife he made. Take a listen!
 *Passed Time would like to extend a "Thank You" to the Museum of the American Revolution for again sharing with PT. We are anxiously awaiting opening day!


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HSOG: Needs Your Help

Dear Fellow Member,



Thank you for your continued dedication to the Historical Society of Ocean Grove. Occasionally a need comes along that is important enough to act swiftly, but thoughtfully. Such was the case with the recent decision to use operating funds for a capitol need.  As a non-profit organization, a primary responsibility is the proper conservation of objects in our care. As you know, quality climate control is pivotal for the safe-keeping of our collection. Consequently, the Historical Society of Ocean Grove leaders acted recently to replace our worn out air conditioning system at a cost of $5,300. There are always trade-offs in making hard choices, but we are convinced that our membership will see the merit of our action.


In order to sustain a high level of programming, exhibits, and member services, we seek your help and support to replace this investment. Our goal is to raise the $5,300 spent from the operating fund by year's end. To do so, we need many gifts ranging from $10 to $150 payable by December 21, 2015.


Your gift now is valued and central to the Historical Society of Ocean Grove's success. We can be proud of the work and mission of the Historical Society. Restoring the funds to our budget will bear witness to our commitment to the future and our stewardship of the present.


I hope we can count your gift now.  Thank you for your consideration.







Ted Bell



Historical Society of Ocean Grove

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Curiosities of Ocean Grove: The Video Series Episode #5

LogoHistorical Society of Ocean Grove



Brand new video!


Curiosities of Ocean Grove: The Video Series Episode #5

Because you love Ocean Grove history and so do we, we're back with another episode our video series.
In the early 20th century, Mrs. Wagner's Pies could be found in tens of thousands of American stores and restaurants. (Even Simon & Garfunkel sang about them!) But did you know that Mrs. Wagner -- a real person -- started her sweet enterprise in a modest kitchen on Webb Avenue in Ocean Grove?
Come along as we trace the history of Mrs. Wagner and her famous pies.
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28 years have passed since the first Metal Gear was released for the MSX2 home computer. Twenty-eight years of a revolutionary game series, and twenty-two games including the upcoming one. Countless hours of gameplay and entertainment for many people. The story of Metal Gear began an entire genre of Third person over head stealth games as well as one of the most complex storylines of all time.
The first Metal Gear followed Solid Snake sent on an infiltration mission to destroy a bipedal walking tank capable of launching nuclear warheads from any type of terrain. Metal Gear also included a major plot twist that I will not tell in case anyone ever plays the game. However, a major thing was breaking the fourth wall, AKA communicating with the player, and telling the player to turn off the console. This became a major thing for all games afterwords. (All synopsis of story will be kept vague so that spoilers are not included.)
Snake's Revenge is the first sequel in the long line of sequels, and prequels, to come. Very similar to the first game Solid Snake sneaks into an enemy base which has mass produced Metal Gear units and a prototype Metal Gear 2. In the story Snake defeats the enemy commander, Big Boss, and stops a nuclear strike countdown.
Soon after Snake's Revenge Metal Gear 2 is released, and adds more confusion to the former plot of Big Boss coming and creating more mercenary troops and Metal Gear units. This time a scientist who makes an alternative for petrol gasoline is kidnapped by Big Boss to control the economy by the gasoline alternative. Solid Snake is sent in when he meets others who are also infiltrating the bass and Dr. Madnar who created Metal Gear. Madnar claims to have been forced to work on Metal Gear, and Metal Gear D. Later Snake finds that Metal Gear D is piloted by Gray Fox, a former special agent. After beating Metal Gear D they fight in hand-to-hand, which Snake wins. Being stripped of his weaponry he meets Big Boss when escaping and has to face him off with a lighter and aerosol can.
Eight years later Metal Gear Solid is released. Again following Solid Snake must go penetrate terrorist forces, led by Liquid Snake, who are holding a nuclear weapons disposal facility in Alaska to rescue two hostages. When he goes in one of the hostages informs Snake of Metal Gear REX, and is told how to stop it. Suddenly the hostage suddenly dies of a heart attack, and Snake goes to free the other hostage. While doing so he encounters Revolver Ocelot who challenges Snake to a gunfight. In the middle of the fight a "Cyborg ninja" cuts of Ocelots right hand. The hostage debriefs Snake on the situation, but also dies of a heart attack. Snake contacts an unknown third hostage who tells him to meet her at the base's warhead disposal area on the condition that he contacts the designer of the new Metal Gear, Hal "Otacon" Emmerich. When going there Snake get's ambushed, but escapes. When going to meet the third hostage, Meryl, she is taken control of by Psycho Mantis. After beating Psycho Mantis Snake is captured and tortured by Ocelot. Eventually Snake escapes, but accidentally activates Metal Gear REX, which Liquid pilots. Snake defeats Liquid with the help of Grey Fox. While escaping Liquid chases the player in a jeep until he suddenly dies.
In 2000 Metal Gear:Ghost Babel is released which returns to the 2D format used before. This time a Metal Gear prototype is yet again stolen and Snake goes in to destroy it. While doing so he discovers a government conspiracy concerning Metal Gear.
In 2001 Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty is released. First you play as Solid Snake who discovers the Marine Corps has made a Metal Gear RAY. However, when doing so Ocelot steals it and destroys the base. Afterwords, you come in to play as Raiden and the destruction of the Marines ship by Ocelot was blamed on Solid Snake going rogue, but the mission is to save the President off of an oil station called Big Shell. The terrorist group is led by Solidus Snake, not Solid Snake, and when Big Shell is revealed to actually be a station full of Metal Gear called Arsenal Gear Raiden has an engineer upload a virus. Suddenly Solid Snake gives Raiden to Solidus where Solidus wakes him up in a torture chamber. Eventually Raiden escapes only to be captured again after destroying 25 Metal Gear Rays. After being freed when Arsenal Gear crashes Raiden learns that Solidus wished to destroy the Patriots which are an organization which controlled politics behind the scenes.
In 2004 three games came out Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, and Metal Gear Acid. The first being a remake of Metal Gear SolidMetal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is a prequel that follows Naked Snake who becomes Big Boss. Considering saying much of this plot has many, many spoilers the most I can say is that Naked Snake is sent in to recover a Soviet Scientist named Sokolov. Metal Gear Acid is a turn-based card styled game that follows Solid Snake rescuing a Senator.

A year later Metal Gear Acid 2 is released and follows how Snake obtained his United States citizenship. When he is taken in trying to illegally get into America he is sent to infiltrate a military arms manufacturer who has made a Metal Gear as well as worked with attempting to clone people. 
In 2006 the Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is released which is a sequel to Snake Eater. Following it Naked Snakes old unit went rogue and Snake is held captive in an abandoned Soviet missile base. When escaping he finds that he is charged for treason and must stop a rebellion leader to be exonerated of the charges. To do so Snake has to persuade multiple enemy soldiers to join his side to apprehend the leader. When he succeeds and destroys a Metal Gear model the leader gives him everything. Snake is then awarded and establishes FOXHOUND.
Metal Gear Solid Mobile is soon released and features a VR mission where Snake has been kidnapped and forced to complete the mission.
In the same year Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is released in which Solid Snake has symptoms similar to Werner's Syndrome, but is still sent to assassinate Liquid Ocelot. While there a weapons dealer injects Solid Snake, now Old Snake, with nanomachines allowing Snake to use the current weaponry. However, that proves detrimental when Liquid uses a signal that disables anyone with nanomachines.  In classic Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima fashion soon after this are many plot twists and spoilers that I will leave for you to find out for yourself.
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker is soon released in 2010 and follows Naked Snake who is informed that an army has taken refuge in parts of Costa Rica. While there Snake employs the help of the Sandinista Liberation Army and discovers a hidden research facility that has nuclear weapons. There a CIA agent reveals that he wants to fire a live Nuclear missile part of a project called "Peace Walker." While there Snake chases down Peace Walker all along the country and the Nicaraguan border. After Peace Walker is drowned in a lake Snake returns to his mercenary base which has Metal Gear ZEKE. After having to cripple ZEKE Snake accepts the name Big Boss.
Until 2013 with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance most of the game installments were online or arcade versions. Revengeance is based in 2018 where there are Private Military Companies for hire. Raiden is a member of Maverick and while attempting to defend a Prime Minister is defeated and given new cyborg equipment. Raiden eventually discovers that a US Senator was assisting in creating more PMC soldiers from orphans and stops the plot.
Finally, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is released and shows Big Boss rescuing Paz and Chico from a CIA blacksite base during a nuclear checkout of mother base. When taking Paz back a bomb is surgically removed. Afterwords, events show how Big Boss fell into a coma. 
Which means the rest of the story is on hold until Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain comes out on September first.

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Himuro Mansions Inspiration for "Fatal Frame"

Haunted places have always inspired many pop culture items such as horror movies. Some of them being scary stories, legends, objects, etc. Himuro Mansion is an interesting place because of just how gruesome the story behind it is. The family who lived there believed that to keep away evil spirits, how most ancient legends are, they had to quarter a maiden who was chosen at birth. The act of doing this was called the Strangling Ritual, and apparently when one girl fell in love with a man her sacrifice became "tainted" causing her father to kill the family and himself. Ever since then the mansion is believed to be haunted and has been left alone. Of course this sparked the interest of a game creator team who then made Fatal Frame/Project Zero.
The game series isn't all placed in Himuro Mansion with only the first installment being held there. However, the first one is the only one directly related to a real place. Something of note is the fact that there are actually many places in Asian countries that are completely abandoned but still left standing. Including many amusement parks and resorts. 
A main mechanic of the game is using a Camera Obscura to exorcise spirits lurking around the mansion. This camera appears in other games as well, and event he movie made in 2014 based off of the series. There are real camera obscura's but not for the use of exorcism. An interesting fact of the mechanic is that when using it the center reticle that has symbols around it is actually the Zodiac in kanji characters. 

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The Pope, the Warwick Hotel, and the Cook Book from the Oley Valley

    The readers who have been following along on Passed Time might remember an article I posted quite some time ago. In fact, I posted The Cook Book from the Oley Valley or The Life of a Cook Book very near Passed Time's start in June. As I said then, the cook book was in bad shape, and you can see it in the pictures. Today, I went to make sure I had not missed any items tucked into it, before putting it away for good. On the day we'd bought the cook book, the air and the book were damp, but the pages seemed to dry up reasonably well. Unfortunately, today when I started thumbing through it there were signs of mold. Luckily, all of the recipes and notes that I posted on Passed Time are safe, as are the title and signature page, so I will save them. Unless a thorough drying and toothbrushing eradicates the mold, the cookbook may have to go. With its fate hanging in the balance, the little cookbook still had one more item to share.lamaze shrimp saucew

     It is a undated and anonymous newspaper clipping* containing a recipe, but this is a recipe with some history behind it. The beginning of the story had me immediately enthralled, "The recipe for one of Philadelphia's very popular dishes, Shrimps Lamaze, is no longer a secret." Why? What happened? Why are they outing the shrimp?

     Well, according to the article, Shrimps Lamaze was first introduced to Philadelphians at the Warwick Hotel. The dish was so popular with Philadelphians, that forty gallons of the sauce were used daily.  The executive vice president (former executive vice president at the time of this article) of  the Warwick Hotel, Mr. George Lamaze, introduced the sauce to the hotel, and it was their most popular dish. 

   George Lamaze was an esteemed chef born in Rhiems, France. According to an aricle in the Lewiston Daily Sun, he died of a heart ailment at the age of 53. That article ran on May 28, 1940, which dates the clipping from the Oley Valley cookbook. It probably dated soon after the Lewiston Daily Sun's obituary.  

     In addition to researching Lamaze, I had to look up the Warwick Hotel. It is still in existence, but with a slightly different name. It is now called The Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel and right now they are offering a special, "Enjoy breakfast for two with the Pope and the World Meeting of Families offer!" Personally, I am avoiding Philadelphia at all costs during the Pope's visit. As friends have told me, it is a "madhouse," but I am dying to know if the Radisson Blu Warwick Hotel will be serving Shrimps Lamaze to the Pope.  If anyone finds out, you have got to tell me. Best, Pat Earnest Dover, Delaware 19 August 2015


*I tried, unsuccessfully, to find the newspaper that originally ran this article. If it happens to turn up, please let me know. 




Author Pat Earnest, currently lives in Dover, Delaware, with family, both two- and four-footed. I am a published author and history enthusiast, who has great regard for the past and is especially proud of the Pennsylvania German culture. In addition to Passed Time, I am currently working on a project for the German Historical Institutes Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies ( I also contribute to various newsletters and I am working on another book...or two. Feel free to email me at with questions, comments, information, a shared love of history, an idea, because you want to chat or you have an great idea for PT. Please be aware, Files With Attachments will not be opened, but immediately deleted.

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Helen Millham: Prolific Writer of Fullerton, Pennsylvania


     I recently posted a recipe for "pocket book rolls" on Passed Time. As I stated in that post, the recipe just fell out at me as I was rearranging some cookbooks. "Pocket book rolls" was not the only recipe that made its escape from the cookbook. Another that escaped was the newspaper clipping shown here. It came from an anonymous source and I can only guess at a date of about 1940-50. In the section titled "Recipes from our Readers," three recipes are listed. The first is for a "Pinwheel Loaf" entered by Helen Millham of Fullerton, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County). On a whim I decided to find out more about Helen Millham.Helen Millhamw
    I was surprised to find Mrs. Millham had not only submitted this article, but she had submitted other items to various periodicals around the country. Often contributions were reimbursed by the periodical. Depending on how often she was published, she was not only sharing suggestions, anecdotes, and recipes, she was bringing in some money, 

     One of her contributuons made its way into the Waco Tribune-Herald in Texas. It is found in the February 1, 1959 issue on page 71. "[A]n acquaintance of mine , who operated a tearoom, was once choosing between two applicants who had applied for a position as gardener. Her mother, who was seated on the porch behind her, pointed toward one of the men who seemed less impressive than the other. Supposing that her mother had some knowledge of him, she hired him. Later the daughter asked, “Did he ever work for you?” “No.” “Then why did you choose him?” “When you pick a man for work, go by his overalls. If they are patched on the knees, that's your man. If they’re patched on the seat, get rid of him. — Mrs. Helen Millham, Fullerton, Pa."

   In the August 12, 1967 edition of the Chicago Tribune, Mrs. F.S. Millham of Fullteron, Pennsylvania was paid ten dollars for supplying this useful tip. "Don't throw away old curtain valances. An apron can easily be made by cutting the valance in half and sewing the two pieces together to form tiers. For a tie, slip a ribbon thru the casing of the valance."

     That was not her only publication in the Chicago Tribune. Seven years earlier, in the May 1, 1960 edition she shared the following anecdote with the reader.

Was My Face Red!
It was Tuesday afternoon and there weren't many shoppers at our local grocery store. I took my time sauntering down the aisles leisurely filling my cart. At the vegetable counter I stopped and dug into the lettuce bin, examining each head carefully. Finally, on the very bottom I found one head that suited me. I put it in my basket and was about to move on when a masculine voice behind me politely inquired, "Madam, would you kindly tell me which is the second best head? Helen Millham Fullerton, Pa. 

  The next entry was allegedly placed by Fred Millham to Boys' Life Magazine in their October 1982 edition. I don't know, I rather suspect Fred Millham was a useful pseudonym. The possibility does exist that even though Mr. Millham had died earlier that year, the magazine had kept the entry for a while prior to publication.....but, I have my suspicions. In any event, someone from the Millham family provided the following bit of advice. "Turn a long-handled two pronged fork into a jack-of-all-trades by bending both prongs (about one inch from the points) until they are perpendicular to the handle. I use this tool for pulling hot pans of food, caked or backed potatoes from the oven. It also comes in handy for reaching on high shelves or for fishing things out of narrow spaces. Fred Millham, Fullerton, Whitehall, Pa." 

     As name searches often do, the name "Helen Millham" produced a few possibilites as to identity. The Helen Millham that is more than likely our writer was born on August 13, 1906, to parents Frank K. and Sarah F. (Stoudt) Leiby in Fullerton, Pennsylvania. She died on December 6, 2000, eighteen years after the death of her husband, Fred Millham. Helen Millham's obituary was printed in the December 7, 2000 issue of The Morning Call. The obituary references her position as a sewing machine operator at the Royal Manufacturing Company in Allentown, but there is nothing suggesting she enjoyed writing. She was buried in the Garden of Peace Cemetery, Fullerton, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, next to her husband and an infant that had died in 1926.*    Importantly, Mrs. Millham left a little bit of herself behind in addition to a large family. Undoubtedly, as more newspapers are made publicly accessible, more Millham contributions will become known. If you know of any please contribute them. Additonally, it would be fantastic to be able to pair a picture of Mrs. Millham with the name, if anyone was of a mind to share. Best, Pat Earnest. Dover, Delaware, 17 August 2015

   Update: Not even one day has gone by since I published the above article, when another contribution made by Mrs. Millham came to my attention. As found on a website titled "It Was Printed" this listing was found, "Millham, F. S., Mrs. of Fullerton PA - 1967 Southern Living Desserts Cookbook." I suspect many, many more gems may surface. Best, Pat Earnest 18 August 2015 Dover, Delaware


*File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Barbara Poltorak Myers.


Author Pat Earnest, currently lives in Dover, Delaware, with family, both two- and four-footed. I am a published author and history enthusiast, who has great regard for the past and is especially proud of the Pennsylvania German culture. In addition to Passed Time, I am currently working on a project for the German Historical Institutes Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies ( I also contribute to various newsletters and I am working on another book...or two. Feel free to email me at for questions, comments, information, a shared love of history, an idea, because you want to chat or you have an great idea for PT. Please be aware, Files With Attachments will not be opened, but immediately deleted.



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Middle Ages Themes in Video Games

Surprisingly enough many video games have been influenced heavily by the Middle Ages. While ideals from those times lasted for several decades, and sometimes centuries, it's odd that some are kept around for our entertainment. There are, of course, games that are based during that times period, such as Assassins Creed. Yet there are plenty of other ones that just have ideas, and theories from that time. For example, Bloodborne uses the Miasma theory that how something smells decides whether it is a malevolent thing or not. This goes for monsters and diseases. The game even included the myth that incense would keep monsters and diseases away along with having a plague doctor mask item in-game.
Besides this there are many themes and settings that are reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The majority being that the main world/political power at the time is the Church. Other times it is just a reference to historical fiction, or historical figures. The use of Dracula is extremely common especially with Castlevania.
The only unsurprising thing is the common use of mythological monsters from the Middle Ages along with the amount of Middle Ages styled weaponry such as swords and bows. However, the use of them can be surprising with the developers occasionally giving the items a backstory and specific name. While this is often cliché ones such as Excalibur, and only for rare in-game items there is an occasional game where every item has a backstory and specific name. This also goes for the creatures and enemies in a game as well as other items that are not weapons.

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Howard Pyle's "Overconfidence"

 Howard Pyle's "Overconfidence" was published on February 10, 1885 and then in 1886 published in  Pepper and Salt or Seasoning for Young Folk.*





  The above image or "Overconfidence" was found in a scrapbook from Ashtabula, Ohio (coming to Passed Time in the near future).** It has all of the charm associated with Pyle.  Unfortunately, scholars claim that the popularity of his poems have not enjoyed the same lifespan as that of his illustrator art. Passed Time also has an article on one of Pyle's students and colleagues, Frank Schoonover. The article shows some of Schoonover's works that will be coming up for auction in August, 2015.  Click here for more information

 *MBPI1379 Howard Pyle: His Life--His Work by Paul Preston Davis. Oak Knoll Press and Delaware Art Museum collaboration. 2004. VII page 789. 

  **Note the discoloration and distortion caused by paste. Paste=bad


 Author HistoryKeeper, currently lives in Dover, Delaware, with family, both two- and four-footed. I am a history enthusiast, who has great regard for the past and is especially proud of the Pennsylvania German culture. In addition to Passed Time, I am currently working on a project for the German Historical Institute's Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies ( I also contribute to various newsletters and I am working on another book...or two. Feel free to email me at for questions, comments, information, a shared love of history, an idea, or just because you want to share on Passed Time, but are too shy about getting started. Please be aware, Files with Attachments will not be opened, but immediately deleted.









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Harrison Allen Krips and Esther Elizabeth Larzelere

    As any genealogist knows, it is often more difficult to ferret out information about women's life dates than those of men. In this case, the opposite has been true. It actually has been difficult to winnow any information about Harrison Krip's birth and death dates.* It is obvious from surviving correspondence and advertisements he placed in newspapers, that he was a photographer in Philadelphia in the late 1800's. A couple of different addresses can be found for him around Philadelphia, as well.

   Surviving correspondence assures us that his father holds him in high regard, as per a letter of thanks sent to his son at Christmastime. Another unknown person from the Roggen House in New York also seems to have only positive things to say to Krips. 

    Krips' bride, Esther Elizabeth Larzelere was born in 1871. She was the daughter of Jeremiah Berrell Larzelere and Elmina Andry Larzelere nee Lovett. For more information about her parents and family click this link. 

   As the sketch of the couple, pictured below, provides her maiden name, it might have been a wedding gift or piece to memorialize the event. "J. Bell" signed the decorations. (Apparently Bell took their images from an unknown source. The paper is different, with a magazine feel, and the likenesses appear printed) Due to the formality of this piece, in conjunction with the Roggen House card dated "1889," one wonders if these were keepsakes of their wedding or honeymoon?  

  • * Various pay-for-service websites might have listed Harrison Krips' dates and presumably, other information about the photographer. Readers, I hope, can appreciate the fact that while I enjoy sharing information, I can only afford to dig so deep for Passed Time. Not to mention I am trying to hold true to my blog title, "In Their Own Words."  























  • krips1w
  • krips3w

  • .
  • krips5w
  • The newspaper advertisement was placed in Republican news item. (Laport, Pa.), 23 June 1898. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. Lib. of Congress. <> Krips took out ads for a run of June 23, June 30, July 14, and July 21. He might have taken out a longer advertisement run, but at the moment the are the only sources available through the Library of Congress' "Chronicling America." Again, another pay-for-service suggests they have newspapers in which the Krips are mentioned, but...
  • Author HistoryKeeper, currently lives in Dover, Delaware, with family, both two- and four-footed. I am a history enthusiast, who has great regard for the past and is especially proud of the Pennsylvania German culture. In addition to Passed Time, I am currently working on a project for the German Historical Institute's Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies ( I also contribute to various newsletters and I am working on another book...or two. Feel free to email me at for questions, comments, information, a shared love of history, an idea, or just because you want to share on Passed Time, but are too shy about getting started. Please be aware, Files with Attachments will not be opened, but immediately deleted.
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Dear Alice (Part 6): 1936 Nanuet, New York Autograph Book

    For those of you following the "Dear Alice" series, my apologies for the time away. These next two entries, provided by John Sharp and Mary Ramsay, are both apparently inspired by fears that once Alice begins a family, she will borrow items from her classmates! Even though, upon further contemplation, hope might be the driving force. A hope by Alice's classmates  that they all remain close. Both entries are marked with Alice's signature "for-get-me-not."

     In a brief look, I could not find anything about a John Sharp or Mary Ramsay of Nanuet. I do want to remind the reader to check out Daniel Silverman's Nanuet website (Nanuet, The Flawed Jewel of the Hudson Lowlands). It is our hopes here at PT that if any connections are made, readers and researchers will share their insights. HK 30 June 2015








 Author HistoryKeeper, currently lives in Dover, Delaware, with family, both two- and four-footed. I am a history enthusiast, who has great regard for the past and is especially proud of the Pennsylvania German culture. In addition to Passed Time, I am currently working on a project for the German Historical Institutes Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies ( I also contribute to various newsletters and I am working on another book...or two. Feel free to email me at for questions, comments, information, a shared love of history, an idea, or just because you want to share on Passed Time, but are too shy about getting started. But be aware, Files with Attachments will not be opened, but immediately deleted.


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Museum says missing Nazi submarine mystery solved

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ATLANTA (AP) - More than 70 years ago, a U.S. Army plane dubbed "Hot as Hell" was headed for India on a supply mission. It never arrived, and no one went looking for the doomed aircraft or the eight men on board because military officials had no way of pinpointing where it went down.

Sword belonging to commander of black Civil War unit found

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An upcoming book seeks to find the links between the fable of Frankenstein and a brutal Philadelphia mass murder that occurred nearly 50 years after the release of the famous novel. In "The Face of a Monster: America's Frankenstein," Delaware author Patricia Earnest Suter revisits the gruesome killings of eight people at the hands of Anton Probst in 1866.

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