Himuro Mansions Inspiration for "Fatal Frame"

Haunted places have always inspired many pop culture items such as horror movies. Some of them being scary stories, legends, objects, etc. Himuro Mansion is an interesting place because of just how gruesome the story behind it is. The family who lived there believed that to keep away evil spirits, how most ancient legends are, they had to quarter a maiden who was chosen at birth. The act of doing this was called the Strangling Ritual, and apparently when one girl fell in love with a man her sacrifice became "tainted" causing her father to kill the family and himself. Ever since then the mansion is believed to be haunted and has been left alone. Of course this sparked the interest of a game creator team who then made Fatal Frame/Project Zero.
The game series isn't all placed in Himuro Mansion with only the first installment being held there. However, the first one is the only one directly related to a real place. Something of note is the fact that there are actually many places in Asian countries that are completely abandoned but still left standing. Including many amusement parks and resorts. 
A main mechanic of the game is using a Camera Obscura to exorcise spirits lurking around the mansion. This camera appears in other games as well, and event he movie made in 2014 based off of the series. There are real camera obscura's but not for the use of exorcism. An interesting fact of the mechanic is that when using it the center reticle that has symbols around it is actually the Zodiac in kanji characters. 

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