Long ago when Passed Time first began on 4 June 2015, we identified one of Passed Time's founders as a military veteran.

    This veteran belongs to an under-appreciated and often completely ignored group known as "maintainers." These personnel keep the military up and running. Maintainers are the reason planes fly, hummers and tanks run, and helicopters hover. Yet, they are not wrong in thinking few notice their efforts. Those in vaunted occupations, such as pilots, are often credited with repairing, maintaining and flying aircraft (often all at the same time).

   In all seriousness, letters recently surfaced that were written by Dover, Delaware schoolchildren to a maintainer in 2004 (click the "read more" button to see all of the letters). These letters will disabuse everyone of the notion that no one cares about maintainers (whether you are a pointy head, a knuckle-dragger, a booger hooker, a bubble chaser, a jet, or a spark chaser)  and their contributions. READ MORE