When going through our friend's house in Tennessee, there were so many things to look at in their house.  For me personally, it was exciting finding two tins from tea bags, one is from Lipton Tea and the other Tetley Tea.  For quite some time tea has interested me.  It is tasty whether cold or hot.  I, at one point, went on a search for a tea book that might give more information on what benefits were to be had with different kinds of teas.  I did the smart thing, I borrowed a stack of books from the library!  Some books went on about how you need to leave an offerring to mother nature or whomever they decided let these plants grow where they were, these books had little to no appeal!  Then one book that caught my eye was a paperback book, 20,000 Secrets of Tea by Victoria Zak.  She told of different folklore surrounding different teas.  The following is taken from the first chapter of the above mentioned book: "To illustrate the importance of tea, a tale tells of an ancient Chinese herbalist who knew 100,000 healing properties of herbs, and began to pass on his wisdom to his son.  The herbalist taught his son 80,000 secrets, but fell ill before he could complete the lessons.  On his deathbed, the herbalist told his son to come to his grave five years from the date of his death, and there he would find the other 20,000 secrets.  On the fifth year, the obedient son went to his father's grave, and found, growing on the site, the black tea shrub."  After reading this book I knew that this was the one for me.  I have purchased a few copies and have given them to friends and family.  That is why seeing these tins made me smile!