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Rebecca Conard

    Rebecca Conard, a member of the Conard family of West Grove and vicinity, and the daughter of Paul and Sarah (Roberts) Conard, was born January 27, 1800, and died in West Chester, January 5, 1875. Most of her life was spent in Chester County, and part of it in teaching in Westtown School. She spent much of her time and means in ministering to the comforts of the poor and distressed. Her poems were collected after her death by her friends, and published in a small volune entitled "Poems by a Friend." Her poems are chaste and beautiful, and mostly of a religious character. 

The King's Daughters

The King's daughter is all glorious within.--PSalm xiv. 13

No outward plumes or paltry show

Adorn Jerusalem's fair;

Nor yet with mincing steps they go,

Or braiding of the hair.


Their ornaments are all within;

All glorious are they, too;

Untarnished by polluting sin,

Unsaddened by its woe. 


Their hearts, the temples of their God,

made clean and purified

By the stoning, precious blood

Of Jesus crucified.


'Tis here His holiness and grace,

His honor loves to come;

To enter, yea, and sup with such,

And claim them as his own.


The sheep of his peculiar care,

The lambs of Zion's fold;

No prowling wolves can enter there,

For Jesus guards the hold,


And carries them as in his arms,

And leads them by the hand,

Protecting from inclement storms

The weak ones of his band.

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**Johnston, George. The Poets and Poetry of Chester County, Pennsylvania. Collected and Edited by George Johnston. J.H. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia. 1890 p. 47

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