In a scrapbook crammed with genealogy notes about many families--mostly from New Jersey and surrounding areas--one page caught my interest because, as most genealogists know, the maiden names of female spouses are hard to find.

This page concerns the Seabrook family. I will quote the entire page because it is rather interesting. Besides taking a firm stand about the name of the wife of James Seabrook, this page says:

"Thomas Seabrook, the progenitor of the New Jersey branch of the family, was first located in Minneford (now City Island) off Pelham, New York, in the year 1664. At this date he purchased land at Hempstead, L[ong] I[sland], whither he removed. He was at Hempstead 1670-1673. He moved thence to the town of West Chesrer, N. Y., where he was living in 1675. On December 27, 1674, he was killed by the Indians in the uprising which occurred on that date. He was a member of Capt. Osborn's Company which was called out in defence of the settlement. (This information comes from Dr. J. E. Stillwell, the genealogist, who is one of the descendants.) 

"The Seabrook Estate was vested in James the son of Thomas in 1717. Dr. Stillwell says, 'I know certainly that the wife of James Seabrook was Hannah Grover, daughter of Joseph Grover and Hannah Lawrence, his wife.'"

The scrapbook where this page was found was put together probably about 1915. It has many families in it, and is not at all specific to the Seabrook family. Enjoy!

Mary Schefer