So, over a year ago friends were talking with my husband Rolf and I about different ideas for web sites.  This process took quite some time.  We finally liked a site that would make history fun and bring in nostalgic items for people to share from their lives and experiences.  This sounded good then and it sounds even better today.  So many days and nights, thinking and wanting this to actually be seen by many people.  Then the site was put online and could be viewed by anyone. 

Once online, feedback came, quickly.  This is a great thing.  There was an idea put out there that the site is in need of pictures.  We have been through all my husband's photos.  Not completely sure we have anything that completely fits the need.  Then we go to Tennessee to see friends who have moved there in the last couple of years.  These friends have wanted us to see their new place, but until now the opportunity never did come along.  We walked into their home at 4:30 A.M. on a Monday morning.  Upon entry we look around and see the site.  The house has so many nostalgic items, they sell things at an antique shop, things that do not sell come back to the house.  These items show up everywhere in the house.  It is so beautiful.  After taking hundreds of photos, looking at some national parks and seeing the beauty that Tennesse has to offer, we come back to our home state of Delaware.  We have been enriched by this trip.  You will see many of the photos on the site and in this blog in particular.  Looking forward to showing everyone what we saw down there in Tennessee.  Will start the blog with a photo from the front door of our this beautiful home that we stayed in that beautiful state.